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Tulkojums *) RAV "Pārpilnība!"

Angļu valodā: *) RAV “Abundance!”

There are other hurts! Yes! ABUNDANCE of LOVE emotions! Have to take care, that don’t burn! This is a new miracle!...
We are already used to it, we have gotten worried and accepted the norm- negative energies! We guard our gravity, rigor, strong order and permanence. Now have to start to realize that it should not be there anymore. There are no any limits of our Existence. We are already leaving from it. Exactly- LEAVING!
Someone else can ask: where are we going to go?!- Yes, the question is not inappropriate, because our Knowledge baggage gets lost somewhere, it turns out. Therefore, the question of happiness is very timely and transcended with the help of Brain in the sense that everything necessary in the new order would take place there.
But, the first, now known- is Energies! Comforting! How to meet them to avoid the eruption?! The ... Lasīt tālāk »

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