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Vēsts: 01.08.17. Katrēns "Apvalks un Dvēsele" - **
(- *: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском языке с предложением Символписьма на латышском, английском языке *) Radītāja Atbalsta Vēstule "Lai notiek!" *) Письмо Поддержки Создателя "Пусть будет!", публикована: , с переводом на английский язык: )
(-**: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском, английском языке)

01.08.17. Катрен "Оболочка и Душа"………&helli ... Lasīt tālāk »

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Simbolvēstule *) Radītāja Atbalsta Vēstule "Lai notiek!", angļu valodā

*) Creator Supports Letter "Let it be!"
Dear Friend! I have written to you several times: "Let's go! Let's run!" Well, it's time to write- let's get it! Let's take a look at where we are, how does it look?

It seems, that everything seems to be quite acceptable in my mind, according to all that has happened. I have to admit that quite a lot has happened and everything is wonderful, only now- in the secret I want to save everything, because only mine, yours, OUR Heart- Holy Temple- just there for us…GOD…is still to be met…
"Glory! Glory! God's Souls in LOVE! Let it resound counties of Creator with all Earth!" (From NAD Letter "To you, friend!" ... Lasīt tālāk »

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