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Tulkojums! - *) RAV "Dievs par mums rūpējas!"

Angļu valodā: *) RAV “God takes care of us!”

My beloved brothers and sisters! That was a surprise! I read, I wonder- I don’t believe to my own eyes!- We already started to rinse the Teachers!- Yes, yes! Who is there the Teacher of Light, where have been, haven’t been? Who was say something wrong?...
Oh, of course! I remember! I was already in the class of the third, fourth, then I also had a great desire- to find mistakes in teachers.
Well, it seems funny now- Teachers! And Invisible!  Criticize and audit…Is it work of Mind?!...
If we even don’t know the road, if we still don’t feel the air flow, because we bask in the alee of the beloved Teachers! The Creator’s Knowledge is still not stacked on the shelves!... …

“Foolishness and self-reliance are holding a ball today and this ball is under ... Lasīt tālāk »

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Vakara seansu ieraksti,
26. - 30. marts

(No vēstvietnes Sanatkumara lv, Jāņa Oppes tulkojums,
saņemts 2018. gada 5. aprīlī)

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