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Vēsts: 28.07.17. Katrēns "Apziņa" - **
(- *: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском языке с предложением Символписьмо на латышском, английском языке *(DS) "Grūti saprotams?" / *(DS) "Трудно понять?", оригинал публикован: , с переводом на английский язык:​ )
(-**: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском, английском языке)

28.07.17 Катрен "Сознание"………………………………………..…….Quatrain "Co ... Lasīt tālāk »

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Simbolvēstule *(DS) "Grūti saprotams?", angļu valodā

*(DS) "Difficult to understand?"

​…It has to be learned, in the case that Heavenly Father Gifted Energy of Light Power must be places, must do and act, so, that you can give a New quality to your Land (#1) Is it so difficult to understand?

How to "scream" in the ear, if one person doesn't believe, doesn't want to hear and understand anything, even doesn't want to hear, what the beings, adjacent ones, are already showing? (#2)

You don't have to learn, or have to, the hands and the legs of human to move. Now have to learn, ho to rule the THOUGHTS, to learn how to move and to push them right. (#3)

At the front, plans will not stay on the table. They have to be confused on their own personal thoughts on the hill, looking at the modest eye, where they have the companions, who would like to join. One is the ... Lasīt tālāk »

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