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Simbolvēstule *(DS) "Dieva Augstā Zemes Skola" angļu valodā

*(DS) "God's High Earth School"

It is necessary to learn to find the meaning of the Thought in the complications of the Words. Moreover, not always literally, but in Thought images, in Imaginative world (#1) is a nasty way of thinking. It's very interesting and it's doesn't already exist so easy. There will need training exercises.

Also to speak the language (#2) which sounds poetically, have to train a little bit.

Thoughts must be managed. (#3) Learning to have thoughts to read, because in the future, in the near or farer, the conversation will take place only at thoughts. Then the difficulties of the languages and dialects in the archives will remain. It is interesting, isn't it?

In my opinion, this is very interesting, as there already are not bodies as such. But, we each other- will understand very well, will f ... Lasīt tālāk »

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Vēsts: 26.07.17. Katrēns "Principiālas izmaiņas" - **
(- *: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском языке с предложением Символписьма на латышском, английском языке *(DS) "Dieva Augstā Zemes Skola" / *(DS) "Божье Высшая Школа Земли", публикована с переводом на английский язык: /26.07.2017., oriģināls: )
(-**: Текст Катрена на русском, латышском, английском языке) 

26.07.17 Катрен "Принципиальное изменение"……………………………......…Quatrain "The fundamental change"

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